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E-MPS, also widely known as the E-Mail Preference Service, was launched in the year 2000. For well over a decade, it held the reputation as the email marketing authority. The domain was sold by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) in 2017, which itself was acquired by the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) in 2018.

For the last four years, E-MPS has sat idle waiting for a reason to return to the internet landscape. Any thoughts of a comeback remained bleak without a new vision to help small businesses and consumers. Well, the time has come.

E-MPS will soon be relaunched with a fresh perspective and approach. But it will not be leaving its roots behind. That’s because we have coined/invented a new digital marketing term called Emext Marketing™.  It combines the power of email and text message marketing; plus, there is a voice communication component, when appropriate.

From its beginning, nearly 50 years ago, email marketing has been a “one size fits all”, “computer to computer” affair. This has certainly worked fine for many years, but times have changed. There is a robust digital evolution underway.

The mobile phone is now the most important communication tool in most people’s lives. More than 6 billion text messages are sent every day, and nearly 60% of Americans now retrieve their email on a mobile device.  So for both businesses and consumers, the need for more respectful, permission-based marketing is critical.

Getting lost in the shuffle are local “brick and mortar” businesses that are vital to their communities. They are losing ground. So, while any business could benefit from Emext Marketing™, our initial focus will be to assist and guide these establishments. Our strategies will help local businesses grow faster and increase customer loyalty without the need to spam or annoy people.

Of course, like many things, the new approach also means that going forward our brand will simply be called E-MPS to encompass both our past….Email….and our future…Emext.

Stay Tuned,

Michael Holland

P.S. If you visited this website to get your email address removed from DMA email lists, don’t worry. While that service has remained with the Association of National Advertisers, we will continue to point you in the right direction. Here is the removal request link https://www.ims-dm.com/cgi/optoutemps.php


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